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A bit of a bold statement you say ? Just wait and see !

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I want to talk to you about the latest lip products launched by Estée Lauder. They're the Pure Color Envy Lip Potion*.

I haven't tried all the lipstick formulas under the sun but my collection says a lot about how many I've tried: too many a lot ! From testing so many lippies, I've learned that it is quite rare for a new launch to be really different from everything that already exists.

More often than not, there are differences in the packaging, or shades or regarding a product's claims, but once on the lips, the actual differences are hardly noticeable.

With this new launch, Estée Lauder really stands out and in my opinion they managed to create something that really is above (or at least different to) everything that I've tried.

Unlike formulas that have a lot of claims on paper but don't do much on the lips, I find the Lip Potion to be rather discreet at first glance but to really make a difference once on the lips.

I know, that's a lot of bold statements and not much to support them, but bare with me, I'm getting there.

From the range, I've tried a nude shade, 410 Vague Obsession, which I find to be a gorgeous everyday colour and a really bright shade, 420 Fragile Ego*, that I thought I would never wear, but that actually is quite superb and surprisingly flattering on me.

1. The lip potions are very easy to apply ! The applicator has a very adequate shape and picks up the right amount of product.

NB: it's slightly harder with the darker shade but if you focus and take your time, it works.

2. The lip potions last really well ! The darker shade I have is seriously long lasting (I've kept it on from 4pm until midnight and when I took it off it was still looking good) and the nude doesn't last quite as long but fades very evenly and is very easy to reapply.

3. The lip potions are a dry lip's friend ! And with winter coming, it's a bit of an essential ! For the pictures, I purposefully "forgot" to exfoliate my lips and I actually have a bit of dry skin on my lips. Unlike other lip products, instead of highlighting the flaky bits, the lip potions tend to hide them (they're even less noticeable in real life) and they're not drying, even on the long run.

NB: the pink one is slightly less comfortable. After wearing it for about 3-4 hours I like to dab a little lip balm over the top with my fingers and then it's perfect again.

NB: as I have dry lips year round, I'm the perfect test subject. If I do say so myself.

4. The finish of the lip potions is perfect ! It's not matte or glossy, it's a happy in-between, a satiny finish. It looks very natural (as natural as bright pink lips can be that is) and really flattering.

I even went out of my house, to work and on a night out with the pink shade because I find that it looks so amazing ! Those of you who know me know that this usually never (and I mean NEVER) happens !

I could keep going but I think that I've covered the essentials.

Apart from the price, there isn't a single bad thing to say about these. And quite frankly, with results like these, I don't even mind paying the price.

That's what I was saying earlier, I find these lippies to be really different to everything else on the market and to me this justifies a higher price tag.

Have you tried them ? Tempted ? Won over ?


*PR samples

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