My First Ever Kiko Haul & 1st Impression

Hello my Bunnies,

After a week off, (totally against my will, there still are places where wifi is hard to find, believe it or not) I'm back with my first ever Kiko haul.

As I was in Rennes last week, I couldn't not go to Kiko, especially as everyone is raving about their products. So in I went and … that's the result. Whoops.

Fortunately, as it was my first time ever shopping there, I got 10% off which was more than welcome =D

*what's good too about Kiko is that it cost me about the same to buy this as it did buying a blusher and a bronzer from Too Faced :P

I've already tried a few of the products so I'll give you my first impression as well as simply presenting what I bought.

Firstly I picked up two of the Long Lasting Sticks as I've heard that they're dupes of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar (you can find them reviewed here.)

I chose the shade 36 which is a gorgeous pink with gold glitter (almost green depending on the lighting) and 05 which is a purple with gold and silver glitter. They both have a metallic finish.

They are very similar to the Ombre Blackstar in terms of packaging, formula and application.

I've only used them once and I think I like them better than the Ombre Blackstar but not quite as much as the Maybelline Color Tattoos as they tend to fade throughout the day. However, they do not crease.

As for the two eyeliners, I picked up the Intense colour one in the shade 03 and the Vibrant one in the shade 601 because I wanted to create a look with the cream eyeshadow that you can find below.

I've used them both and they're good ones. They last all day, the colours are pretty and they're easy to apply. Simple yet efficient.

601, 03, 05, 36
I also had a look at the new collection (obviously) and I found that they had gorgeous neutral cream eyeshadows but as I already own so many I decided to go for the shade 05 of the Metallic Shine eyeshadow as it isn't as neutral and doesn't look like every other eyeshadow I own.

*please admire the lousy blogger who restrained herself from using her shadow before taking pictures and ended up swatching it before photographing it -.- classic !

I've only used this once and I must say that I'm not impressed. I put primer on the right lid and not on the left lid – it is absolutely essential to wear primer and even then, it fades quite quickly. And without a primer it creases.

You should also know that it isn't extremely pigmented. It's not necessarily a bad thing but it doesn't have a lot of colour payoff.

I also picked up the Intensely Lavish lipstick in 01 from the new collection. The packaging alone justifies this purchase in my opinion :P It is gorgeous and has a very satisfying magnetic click when it closes.

It's the most neutral shade in the collection but I have to accept that even if I love looking at bright shades, I just never wear them.

Some days I love this shade on me, some days I hate it but it's not very relevant. What matters is the texture, formula, finish and wear of it.

It's a very creamy formula and therefore doesn't last very long, but I don't mind that. The finish is lovely, quite velvety, right between mat and shiny. I love it.

I then picked up one of the Colour Veil Blush in the shade 06 as it looked the least similar to everything I already own.

It's quite a deep, dark colour. It's shimmery with tiny specks of glitter. It works extremely nicely with the above-mentioned lipstick.

Beware when using it as it is very (!) pigmented and you can pick up quite a lot of product even by lightly brushing the surface.

As for longevity, I have no idea yet.

Here you can see the blush, lipstick and cream eyeshadow swatched.

top: blusher, left: lipstick, right: eyeshadow
I also decided to give the Precision eyebrow pencil in the shade 04 a go. I find that it is quite dark, even though it is the lightest shade.

What's good however is that it isn't the least bit warm. It won't make your eyebrows look too orange.

The formula is quite soft and highly pigmented so you have to be careful no to end up with eyebrows that look too drawn on.

The brush on the other side and the sharpener are very useful little additions.

I also wanted to pick that mascara that Roberta often talks about but I didn't pick the right one (she likes the Ultra Tech one)

This is still a really good discovery. I chose the Long Eyes+ which, as the name would suggest, is a lengthening mascara and adds nice definition.

*my boyfriend even commented on my long lashes, which never ever happens !

It's very easy to apply and the result, though not as voluminous as what I usually go for, is really nice.

The only thing is that this mascara really doesn't like humidity. Be it tears, sweat or water from swimming/showering, it won't hesitate to turn you into a panda. But when there's no humidity involved, it's great !

And lastly, the one thing I initially walked into Kiko for. The Brush cleanser about which I've heard great things.

But I can't tell you anything about it as I haven't used it yet.

So, that's it for today.

What would you recommend from Kiko ?


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