Lush Diary #4 | Unicorn Horn

Hello my Bunnies,

Today is the day for another Lush Diary edition. As I've been sick, I've taken a bit of time for myself and this could only end up with me in a bathtub. This time though, no more of the boring white bath bombs.

If you want to read the previous editions of the Lush Diary, you can find them herehere and here.

But the last bath I had was with a Unicorn Horn. Don't you worry, no unicorn was hurt though !

Unicorn Horn is the name of a limited edition bubble bar that I picked during my february trip to London.

I'm sorry to be talking about a limited edition again, but this one is so pretty, it's almost impossible that they're not going to bring it back.

As it is a bubble bar and not a bath bomb, what you do is you crumble it under running water and watch it create loads of bubbles.

When I saw it in the shop, I picked it up instantly because of the way it looks - the child in me was so thrilled ! -  and smells - it smells very similar to the Snow Fairy shower gel, like sweets.

Once in the bath, I wasn't disappointed ! The scent is actually a bit deeper than Snow Fairy and almost has a spicy side to it, which helps it not being to sweet or sickening.

As for colour, it will turn your bath a very pretty shade of pastel pink with just a hint of glitter (*-*), not that it matters as you can't really see it underneath all the bubbles (and that's a good thing in my book !)

So you may have guessed it, I absolutely adored this bubble bar and I'm quite sad I didn't buy more of these.

But that's okay, I'll just wait impatiently until next february hoping that it will be part of the range again !

Have you had a chance to try it ?


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