Archery or Archery ? Which One Should You Choose ?

You’ve probably all heard of the Soap&Glory Archery eye brow pencil but did you know that there were two different versions ?

The original one comes with pink writing on it and is slightly bigger. It comes with a brow pencil and brow tint on a brush like applicator.

The newer one has gold writing on it and is very thin. It includes a brow pencil and a spoolie.

So which one should you choose ?

I find that the one with the spoolie is more practical as it has the spoolie included and the nib is really thin allowing you to be very precise when filling in your brows.

The original one is in my opinion better value for money (the pencil is bigger and you get the tint as well for almost the same price) but it is less travel-friendly as you’ll probably want to pack a spoolie as well.

I’m glad I have both because I always take the gold one when I’m travelling but I find that when I’m at home the other one is better as I don’t necessarily need such a precise pencil to fill in my eyebrows and I don’t mind reaching for a separate spoolie. So I’d say that it really depends on what you want and what you need.

I’m still looking for a good eyebrow product that is readily available in Switzerland but so far I’ve got nothing amazing (apart from my mac Omega powder and 266 brush but that means a bit more work in the morning).

Have you tried these ? What are your thoughts ? What do you use on your brows ?


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