Labello/Nivea Lip Butters

I believe these are called Nivea Lip Butters in most country but for some reason Nivea's lip range is called Labello in Switzerland (and in France possibly) but they are the same.

They have been around for a while but they just launched in Switzerland and I was lucky enough to be sent these for review and to share them with my friends.

I like their cute little packaging though I'm not a fan of having to dip my finger into lip products (hygiene freak) so I mostly keep them at home. It's also kind a hard to open (but if what's inside is good, who cares ?)

The scent of these is amazing. The blueberry and coconut ones really smell like coconut and blueberry without it being a chemical scent at all. The original one, to me, smells just like the classic nivea cream in the blue tin.

On the lips they feel very buttery and thicker than your average lip balm (they are butters after all) and they really help to keep my lips very soft. They're definitely better than your average lip balm and definitely good quality for the money.

My friends agree with me in saying that it is a good lip balm but that it'd be a lot better if it was in a different kind a packaging
One of my friends applies it straight from the tin onto her lips and says that the advantage compared to the stick is that it doesn't break.

All in all, they are pretty good lip balms (a lot better than the labello/nivea lip balms in stick form) with a delicious taste but the not-so-hygienic packaging is kind of letting them down.
My favourite of the bunch is the coconut one !

Have you tried these ? What do you think ?


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