How To | Making Sure Your Stash is Well Loved

At the beginning of the summer, I decided to have a big clean of my makeup collection. I knew some items were too old to be used anymore but I also knew that some products deserved more love than I was giving them (a foundation that's too dark, the wrong shade of lipstick, something I owned twice, etc.)

What I did is I went through my entire collection and selected the products that I barely ever used and that were still in good condition and popped them into a box.

I then invited my friends over and had them pick what they liked the most.

I'm really happy that the products that were rotting at the bottom of my drawers have now found a new home were hopefully they will get the love they deserve.

I always have a hard time parting with products because they're old or unused but when I thought that my girlfriends would use them when I didn't, it made the whole process a lot easier and even fun.

And now I have a lot more room to go shopping again :P

Have you ever done that ?


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