4 H&M Dainty Necklaces

I love statement necklaces when I see them in stores and on other people but they never seem to work on me.
However I think that accessorising really helps outfits look complete so I've been looking for some new jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings.
Up until now I haven't been really good with accessories (I always forget to wear them) and I haven't been really happy about my collection (which does not help me wear them).
I was thinking about investing in some good quality jewelry that lasts but when I found these I couldn't resist.

I usually don't look at the H&M jewelry section because I never really found anything amazing there. But last week as I was perusing the accessories aisle because a friend was looking for a clutch I found not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 necklaces.
They're basically exactly what I was looking for.
Simple, dainty necklaces.

They're probably not going to last for ages considering the price but they'll do until I can find some amazing pieces to add to my collection.
I thought that they would be perfect to make a plain outfit look that little bit more special and put together.

I'm still looking for earrings and investment pieces so if you have any suggestions on where to look please pop them below !

What's your favourite place to shop for jewelry ? Any advice for a newbie at accessorising ?


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