2 Unexpected Beauty Gems

I've recently placed an order on feelunique. (it's not my fault, the sales drew me in) I didn't order an awful lot of stuff but among other things I picked up the Daniel Sandler WaterColour Blush in Cherub (thanks to Essiebutton and her tailored made colour ! You lucky girl !) and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (I've been ehm-ing and err-ing about this one at least 10 times and well … now it's part of my collection)

If I wasn't expecting to be disappointed by these products I wasn't quite expecting to be woawed like I am either. Let me tell you I have been very pleasantly surprised.

I had never used a sponge to apply my foundation before so I couldn't compare this one with the Beauty Blender for instance. But nevertheless I absolutely adore how it applies foundation and concealer on my skin.
It leaves everything looking exceptionally flawless and particularly well blended. I find it takes a little more time than using your fingers or a brush but it is worth it on days when you have a few more seconds to spare. The shape is perfect to get everywhere even under the eyes, around the nose or to cover spots.
The only thing that I am unsure about is the cleaning process. So far I've cleaned it after each use (which makes it considerably more time consuming) but I'm still not sure how well you can actually clean it or how long you're supposed to keep it. (if you know a good way to clean it or how long to keep it please comment below)

I had never used a liquid blusher apart from the Benefit Chacha Tint which can be used on both lips and cheeks.
I love the colour of chacha tint on my skin but I find it hard to work with. If you dot it on your cheeks (like they suggest you do) there's no way (no matter how quickly you move) you can blend it completely and you will be left with a nice colour but you'll still be able to see the dots a little darker. I find that the chacha tint is also too pigmented for my fair skin and the only way I can rock it is if I put it on before my foundation (I put a little bit on the back of my hand and apply with my RT stippling brush). The one amazing thing is that it doesn't fade at all. It stays put all day !
Anyway. The watercolour blush not only is about half the price it is also about 10 times better and easier to apply ! The colour cherub works very well on fair skin and adds a lovely glow. It blends very easily and wears well. Here's how I do it :
1. I shake it !
2. I put 1-2 drops on the back of my hand (as you can see above, it's very runny)
3. I use my Real Techniques stippling brush to apply it onto my cheeks
4. I stare at myself in the mirror because "Man are my cheeks looking good !"

yup, my brush isn't clean

All in all I am extremely happy with my latest beauty discoveries. Together they make a very healthy looking version of me.

Have you tried any of these ?


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