Sunday, 24 April 2016

5 Things that Make Me Happy in Spring

Hello my Bunnies, 

Today I'm not going to be talking about beauty products (well actually I am, but just a little bit) because I wanted to share with you a little list of 5 things that make me really happy about the return of spring.

They're very simple things from daily life, but they're specific to spring and they make me happy.

1. Flowers everywhere

I start with flowers because they're a little cliché. Spring and flowers ? How common !

But these little spots of colours that have invaded the world lately make me stupidly happy, just looking at them. Wherever you look, you'll find a different shade of yellow, pink, purple, white, blue, ...

It is indeed very simple, but truly beautiful.

Where I live we get a lot of fog and to see colour win over grey again is a relief !

On the picture is the garden's cherry tree underneath which are some myosotis, around which are some daisies, above which are some dandelions that the bunnies are very happy to eat.

Talking about bunnies ...

2. Spending time with my Bunnies

My Bunnies live outside, year round. We built an enclosure for them in the garden so that they're free to jump and run around. But this means that I don't spend as much time in them in the winter as it implies getting cold or wet.

However, now that the sun's back, the temperature has become a lot more pleasant so whenever I have a bit of free time, I take some clover or dandelions, a bit of patience and I go hunting for cuddles in their enclosure.

Spring is even better than summer for that as they like spring plants better than summer plants and it's much more comfortable to be sitting outside in the sun now than it is in the summer.

I try to make this into a routine, I go in, sit them and wait for hunger and curiosity to overcome shyness.

Their softness, their curiosity and their ability to be content with very little helps me take a step back and relax when everything else becomes a little too much to handle.

3.  Going around on a bike / longboard or with rollerblades

At the moment I'm finishing my studies at Neuchâtel's university. If you know the place you might know that the university is quite far away from the town centre where most shops and restaurants are as well as my grandma's place.

When it's cold or raining, I tend to use my car to go about the city (I know that's bad, I'm working on it =/) but since the weather's been nicer, I've gone back to going about on a bike.

But more importantly, I now carry my longboard around with me in my car so that I can take it out anytime I feel like it.

To be honest, longboarding isn't exactly my strong suit, but to go about the city is fairly easy so I'm thinking 2016 will be the year when I finally master longboarding ..! (I already said that I was going to master eyeliner application, so that's already two missions ;))

In the meantime, I try as hard as I can not to fall over while I cross the city, I enjoy some fresh air and I even do a little exercise at the same time.

If you use your car a lot, I can only suggest that you try and put a longboard or rollerblades (or whatever floats your boat) in your trunk to enjoy the beautiful sunny days, in a different way !

4. Soft and shimmery makeup

That's it. It's the end of autumn-winter shades. It's then end of 50 shades of burgundy. It's the end of thick and opaque formulas. The end of high coverage foundations and of ultra nourishing day creams.

We can finally go back to pale pink blushers, highlighters and lip glosses. Lighter foundations and non-matt lipsticks !

I know that there's no law to forbid anyone to wear whatever the heck they please year-round. But until now I was happy using my wintery shades whereas now I'm thrilled to have them back in their drawers. It's the circle of life.

At the moment I'm particularly enjoying wearing a light pink lip gloss (for instance the one I was talking about on Thursday here) paire with a pink blush (Tarte Doll Face for instance) and highlighter as eyeshadow (The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer at the moment) as well as quite generously on the rest of my face (though I like MAC Sparkling rose better for the face).

The result is quick, light and fresh and exactly what I'm after at the moment.

And if you feel like wearing a burgundy matt lip paired with Estée Lauder double wear, well go for it ! François Nars did say : “Don't be too serious: It's only makeup !"

5. Shorter sleeves

Shorter sleeves ? Well yes ! What's the point of wearing a watch or bracelets in the winter ? Indeed, you can't see them anyways ! They're either covered, or on top of sleeves which is both uncomfortable and not particularly pretty, or you're cold because you're not wearing sleeves.

So when autumn ends, I put bracelets and watches in a drawer and wait patiently for spring to come back.

However, now that the temperatures are a bit nicer again, we can wear shorter sleeves. Even no sleeves. Which is perfect for anyone wanting to display their watch or bracelets.

At the moment, I'm particularly happy to be able to show the world my new Daniel Wellington watch. It's the Classic St Mawes 36mm* with the rose gold frame. Not only is it a great addition to any outfit, I've also had many compliments wearing it and what's more is that it gives the time. Amazing isn't it ?!

More seriously, I've had it for a few weeks now and for the first time, I truly realise what difference a simple watch can make to a whole outfit. The exemple above (black vest, white top, black jeans) is as common as it gets, but the simple fact of adding the watch makes this outfit more chic, more unique and more me.

I'm only a beginner when it comes to accessories, but now I've made a decision, I'm going to try harder.

What about you ? What do you like about spring ?


*product given by the PR agency

Thursday, 21 April 2016

My Affordable Spring Lipgloss | Fleur de Force's Written in the Stars

Hello my Bunnies,

A little post, pink and fresh for today, to end on a nice note a beautiful sunny day (at least it's sunny where I live, I hope it is where you live too!)

As the sunny days are coming back, I'm getting sick of my thick, dark, opaque lipsticks. Looking through my collection I found a lipgloss, that I bought in the autumn but haven't worn a lot since.

Well, trust me, it changed.

This lipgloss is Fleur de Force's Written in the stars from her own makeup collection.

I must admit that I bought this lipgloss purely because I love Fleur. She's the one responsible for my crazy addiction to cosmetics. I've been following her since the beginning and I love –as irrational as it may be– everything that she does.

To be honest, I didn't expect much from this lipgloss, I merely bought it out of curiosity.

But I have to say that for the past few weeks I've worn nothing else and it's exactly what I want.

For one thing the shade is absolutely perfect for everyday wear. It's a slightly dirty pink, dark enough to make me look healthy (I don't really suit nude lipsticks) but light enough to be wearable. It's also much more opaque than a standard lipgloss, however not as opaque as a lipstick.

It's a gloss but it isn't overly shiny, which I really love. I haven't really been wearing lipgloss for a long time but lately I'm feeling like a bit of shine on my lips and this does the trick.

It's a little bit sticky but I think that that's the reason why it lasts so well. I wouldn't say it's really sticky and annoying, but you can feel it on the lips. However when you rub your lips together, it feels more like a balm than a gloss.

Regarding wear time, it's a gloss so it won't last all day, and it won't stay through a meal. But if you just drink, it'll last from one meal to the next, and it's easy to touch up.

And the best thing is : it smells like freaking cookie dough ! And it's not even sickening as you only smell it when you apply it.

What I want to say it that, considering what I'm looking for at the moment, this lipgloss is quite simply perfect : a gorgeous shade, easy to wear and opaque enough, a divine scent, a subtle shine and a longevity that is very impressive for a lipgloss.

If you're still looking for the perfect spring lipgloss, then you should really have a look at this one ..!

You can find it on feelunique (for instance) right here, for about 10 francs. A bargain, I'm telling you !

Do you know Fleur's makeup range ? What's your spring lippie ?


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Luscious Looking Hair with Redken, label.m &

Hello my Bunnies,

A few months ago, I received two hair products from to put them to the test.

When strolling around the website I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that they stocked a big variety of brands, some of which I'd never seen available in Switzerland before.

I therefore picked a Redken product as I already love their protein treatment (I talked about it here) and a product from label.m because I was curious to see what the brand was like.

Well I must say that I was lucky enough to pick two products that have proven a useful addition to my haircare routine. Let's have a closer look at them, shall we ?

label.m Frizz Control Serum*

This serum is, as the name would suggest, supposed to help fight frizzy hair, give a glossy finish and improve the appearance of split ends.

Personally I use it on top of my head to control the fly-aways that I get when I've just washed my hair.

It's a product that has to be used very carefully as the limit between glossy finish and greasy finish is a really thin one.

The good thing about this product is that it is very liquidy and thus much easier to apply evenly and lightly over the hair.

Usually, I use about 1/2 pump that I rub between my hands and then smooth away any frizz with my hands.

If you manage to use the right amount of product, the result is really nice. The fly-aways are smoothed and the hair doesn't feel cardboard-like as it does when you use hair spray or hair gel.

I'd therefore say that it's a really efficient product but that it takes a little getting used to, in order to apply the right amount.

Redken all-soft argan-6 oil*

This treatment is a multi-care oil for dry/brittle hair. I wouldn't say that my hair is brittle but my ends have definitely seen better days.

There's nothing particularly unusual about this product actually. It looks and feel like quite a lot of leave-in conditioners and hair oils, liquidy, transparent and lightly fragranced.

However, what I really like about it is that it isn't too difficult to use. Indeed, I often find that hair oils (like Moroccan oil for instance) easily give a greasy finish to the hair, especially when you use them on dry hair, which isn't the case with this hair oil.

Obviously, you can't slather 5 pumps in your hair and expect it not to look greasy (unless you have a lot of hair) but if you use it normally you can definitely get a really nice result even when using it on wet hair.

Just like the other product, if you don't use too much, the results are good. I've been convinced from the first use and I completely gave up on my Morocan Oil. I find this one just as good (if not better) at giving my dry ends a boost and it doesn't make them look greasy.

It's impossible to mend broken hair but this product definitely helps to smooth everything out and it really makes my ends look a lot better.

All in all, I'm really happy with these two discoveries that help me get a silky soft and luscious looking mane.

I didn't know the website before and I'm glad to have found a new place to shop, particularly as they stock slightly harder to find brands.

The only downside with this website is that you won't necessarily find every product from every brand. Indeed, they stock some of the products until they run out and you never really know what'll come back in stock. For instance, I got these two products back in December and you can't find them on the website at the moment.

However, there are other nice things to be found, be it from Redken or label.m and they also stock brands like Morocan Oil and Macadamia.

I'd say that it's a website where you don't necessarily go to find something specific but rather to find something interesting or unique that you hadn't thought of.

Do you know these brands or the website ?


*products given by the seller

Monday, 11 April 2016

Mermaid Inspiration | Monday Shadow Challenge x Navy Blue

Hello my Bunnies,

I'm back today with another edition of the Monday Shadow Challenge run by Séverine from the blog Pimpante & Rafraîchie.

Like every week the concept stays the same : 1 week, 1 colour, 1 makeup. If you want to know more about it, you can click here.

This week's colour is navy blue.

After having had some difficulties with last week's colour which was bright yellow, I was very happy (and relieved) to hear that the new colour was navy blue.

I didn't do a post last week but I did try to create something and posted a picture on my facebook page here.

Indeed, though I'm not sure why, I really enjoy working with blue shadows whenever I'm trying to create colourful makeup looks.

I already posted two of them during the past 6 months and I could have recycled them for today, but obviously I wanted to create something new.

However, in case you're interested, I'll put the links to my previous blue looks, just here.

There's a more creative version that could hardly be worn on a daily basis:

And one that is absolutely wearable:

For this week's challenge, I first wanted to create a pop art look, inspired by one of the latest snapchat filters, but it was a disaster and I was forced to give up.

So I chose a completely different style and the result is quite summery and maybe a little bit mermaid inspired. I could have made a little more effort in blending, I admit, but I'm not too unhappy with this look.

For this look, I started by choosing my shadows and from there, I just went with the flow.

I have quite a few blue shadows in my collection, but I still wanted to go and have a look at Kiko as their infinity shadows are on sale for CHF 2.90 at the moment, which is a real bargain !

I therefore left the place 10.- lighter but with 3 gorgeous blue shadows.

Here's how I created my makeup look:

1. I started by applying the Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Stylo in the shade 07 on the inner and outer thirds of the lid, leaving a blank space in the middle to apply my lighter shades. This shadow stick is actually a nightmare to work with. You apply it, it dries instantly and doesn't budge anymore, you just can't blend it. However, the good thing is that it doesn't budge at all and that's why I used it as a base to make my shadows more opaque. I also did a small wing with it.
*you can see this shadow stick in action in both tutorials linked above.

2. With the 278 shadow from Kiko (the darkest blue) I went over the shadow stick. It was a good idea to use this shadow stick as it indeed helped to make the colour more opaque but it also helped it stick better to my lids.

3. I started applying the 409 shadow from Kiko (glittery blue) in the middle of the lid. Unfortunately it was quite sheer so I took my shadow stick again and put some colour, very lightly, on the part that I'd originally left blank. I then applied the 409 shadow back on top. As you can see the result is pretty great, a lot more opaque than when using the shadow on its own.

4. With the 266 shadow still from Kiko (light turquoise blue) I went over the crease to soften the edges as I'd made a very clear cut with the darker blue shadows. I used it to create a sort of halo around my eye lids.
*looking back, I could have made it a little neater

5. I used the Dior Diorshow khôl in the shade 039 (a gorgeous silver) as a liner, taking it a little bit onto my blue wing.

6. On the lower lash line I used the silver liner, the 266 shadow and the 278 shadow to create a sort of gradient effect.

7. For mascara I used the Clinique High Lengths mascara which has a very surprising wand but actually is quite nice.

8. Finally, I used a white eyeliner pencil from Essence to brighten my waterline, but I wouldn't recommend it, as by the time I was done taking my pictures it was almost already all gone.

9. For the brows, I used the Precision eyebrow pencil from Kiko in the shade 04.

And here's what it looks like :

For the face, I didn't do anything too crazy, here's what I used :

For foundation, I mixed the L'Oréal infallible foundation that's a bit too light with the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous that's a bit too dark. I like to mix these two as the provide very good coverage without looking too thick or cakey.

To cover up my dark circles, blemishes and redness, I used the L'Oréal perfect match concealer and I did a little bit of contouring with the Estée Lauder New Dimension palette.

I find that the contour shade in this palette is absolutely spot on. It's a cream formula that's very blendable and that you can use with a brush or a sponge, and the colour is pretty much perfect. However, the highlighter is sadly not as good. Not only is it too dark for my skin, it also sits on the skin funny and tends to highlight any imperfection (pores, lines, dry patches …)

For blush I chose one of the Bourjois 12h aqua blush, that were all the rage last summer. I find it very pretty !

Finally, for lipstick, I used my Guerlain La petite robe noire lipstick in the shade Neon Pumps (I think, I'll edit the post once I get a chance to check the shade)

Edit : It's the shade 002 Pink Tie

And that's it. On the pictures, the navy blue looks a bit lighter than it did in real life but I didn't manage to take my pics quite like I wanted to.

I hope that you like this makeup look and I'll be spending the rest of the day looking at what the others have done with that shade (I've been doing that all day tbh)

On that note, I'm sorry for not leaving more comments on your posts. I read a lot of blogs and appreciate everything but don't often take the time to comment. I'm working on it !

I hope to see you next week with a new shade, and later this week for a different kind of post.


Sunday, 10 April 2016

This Spring's Rose Scented Fragrance | Elie Saab Rose Couture

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I have a little fresh, pink and deliciously scented post for you all.

I've always liked the scent of roses, but I always found that it became overpowering and sickening in perfumes.

But, as you may have seen, last year, I was talking to you about Aerin's Evening Rose (here) which I was recommending either for you or as a gift for mother's day. This was my first encounter with a gorgeous rose scented perfume.

A year later, my bottle is considerably emptier and I still like this fragrance just as much as I did back then. Very chic, seductive and as the name would suggest, very evening appropriate.

Well this year, I want to share with you another rose scented perfume that won me over, it's the Elie Saab Rose Couture*.

Here's how the brand describes the scent:

"Magnified and showcased in the new eau de toilette, the rose asserts itself more majestically.
In the soaring top notes, it blends with fresh Peony into a whirlwind of silken petals. The delectable dew melts into an exquisite Rose Nectar, enhanced with fruity facets and softened with a dash of Vanilla. This addictive accord is carried by a breath of Jasmine as sheer as silk chiffon...
A sumptuous woody base bolsters the airy composition, just as a tight-woven fabric adds structure to a flowing sheath. The voluptuous satin of Sandalwood. And the dark velvet of Patchouli which, by contrast, exalts the freshness of these radiant floral materials…"

So that's how the pros talk about it, let's see what I can do:

I can't help but compare this perfume to the Aerin one even though they don't have anything in common aside the fact that they're both based on rose.

As I was saying, the Aerin fragrance is very evening appropriate and though you can also wear the Elie Saab perfume at night, I find it very pleasant for day-time.

Indeed, its notes are lighter and fresher. The scent of the rose is well and truly present, but they're not overpowering and are accompanied by other floral notes. It's like a bouquet.

But it's not only a bouquet as the floral notes are accompanied by much deeper notes, slightly woody that make the fragrance deeper (man I was struggling writing this in french, let me tell you it's even worse in english when I don't know half the words -.-)

Down below, I included the visual for the campaign because I find that it does a really good job at describing the scent.

Like the dress, it's fresh and light, and like the train, it leave a gorgeous trail behind itself. It is sophisticated but without being heavy like sophisticated fragrances often are.

Finally, like the presence of the city may suggest, and as opposed to what one might fear when imagining a very floral fragrance, the perfume isn't "old" at all. It works just as well for young modern girls as it does for more mature women looking for a bit of freshness.

I could talk about the bottle too, but I find that the pictures do a better job than I could. The light pink hue, the touch of gold, the transparency and the shape that is reminiscent of a diamond make it a gorgeous bottle that would improve the appearance of any vanity. Just like the scent, it is simple and elegant.

One little drawback perhaps, I find that this perfume doesn't last particularly well on my skin. But perhaps this is a good thing as I don't have time to get sick of it that way :P

visual from the press release
I guess that my descriptions as well as those from the brands, as pretty as might be, don't really help you much. That's why I strongly recommend walking into a shop and giving this a sniff.

Personally I fell in love with it and I particularly like to wear it on beautiful sunny days, when I want something fresh but present and slightly sweet.

With mother's day coming soon, I can only suggest that you go and have a look at it as I'm sure that this lovely bouquet encased in its gorgeous bottle will please many moms.

I briefly thought of giving my bottle to my mum but actually I like it way too much to even consider giving it away !

What's your fragrance at the moment ?

I'll see you tomorrow for another edition of the Monday Shadow Challenge, where I'll be tackling Navy Blue.


*product given by the PR company
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